So you’re thinking about a Bearded Collie?

Moonstone Beardies Thanksgiving 2012

Moonstone Beardies Thanksgiving 2012

The Bearded Collie, has its roots in Scotland. A herding dog, it maintains its instinct to do the task for which it was bred.

The Beardie is a medium sized dog with a long shaggy, double coat; the soft fluffy undercoat and the coarse outer protective coat. Grooming for the adult should take about an hour a week; the youngster going through coat changes might require brushing/combing several times a week.
Beardie Temperament

The Beardie is a fun-loving, affectionate breed. Some are bouncy, some are laid back and sedate, but none should be timid or shy. A Beardie is not a watchdog, other than for his bark. He’s likely to greet stranger and friend with equal enthusiasm. Beardies get along well with each other and get along well with other animals — including cats. He was bred to keep a flock together and it should come as no surprise if he gives in to his instincts to chase and gather, whether it is a group of children, a flock of sheep or your other beardies.

A Beardie needs to be well excercised and have plenty to do. There are a great variety of activities you can enjoy with your dog. Agility, herding, obedience, conformation, tracking and flyball are only some of them. A beardie can excel at all of them.

A fenced yard is particularly valuable for the Beardie-owned; but should not be taken as a license for your Beardie to take up residence in the backyard. A Beardie left alone for any length of time is not a happy beardie and may resort to barking, digging or other behavior that will not endear you to your neighbors.

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